From the Arch to the Great Wall

19. Shanghai

Huangpu River night cruise

Our first stop on the last sightseeing day of the trip was the Shanghai High School. This is where Angela (Angel) Anderson, a former student of Dr. Tai, taught English to international students. She took us on a tour of the campus and talked about daily life at school and life as an American in Shanghai. Unfortunately, we were not able to see students in class because school had ended for the year already. We said thank you and goodbye and proceeded to have lunch at a Thai restaurant that featured dancers on stage. One of my most favorite culinary memories of the trip was the bamboo chicken at that restaurant. The waitress came to our table with a big bamboo shoot and dumped chicken out of it onto a plate. The chicken was extremely tasty and I think it was cooked inside the bamboo shoot for more flavor. During the end part of the meal, dancers came up on stage and performed traditional Chinese and Thai dances.

Inside the cathedral

After lunch, we stopped at a cathedral to look around. I walked inside to take a break and then came back out to wait by the bus. While I was inside, I noticed that every five or six pews back, there was a big screen TV so that churchgoers in the back could see the Father as he spoke. This is another example of one of the "ups" of China, though it may be a little overdone. From the church, we went to a really big flea market, even bigger than Silk Road. This market was divided into sections and each section had its own pathways. The shop owners were aggressive here; some even came out to ask you if you wanted to shop their warehouse for hard-to-find items. We were cautioned against this because the warehouses were usually located in back alleys and nobody could guarantee our safety while shopping there. I picked up a pair of shoes and got on the bus to go to dinner.

Dinner was situated on a boat that was in the shape of a dragon, with a head, body, and tail. Though it did not move, it was still neat to see and eat on. Before leaving the States, parents could choose to sign a form that said their son was allowed to have a single glass of Chinese beer (my parents signed it). The main attraction of this evening's dinner was that single glass of beer. I thought everyone got soda or tea along with a glass of beer so I went ahead and ordered soda and saved the beer for after dinner. It turns out that it was either soda or beer so I missed out on the one thing I had been holding out for. Fortunately, I was able to legally buy a can (not bottle) of authentic, straight from the source Tsingtao beer for my dad since I knew he enjoyed quality Chinese beer and not other beers or hard liquors. I bought it back in Xian and kept it safe all throughout the trip.

After dinner, we went from the dragon boat to a small ferry that was to be our "cruise ship" on the Huangpu River. We left from the Pudong side and traveled along the coast, turned back, docked on the Pushee side for a few minutes, and then returned to the Pudong side. Cruising at night is very exciting because the Oriental Pearl lights up and flashing neon signs litter both the Pudong and Pushee sides.

Check-in was especially early tonight because of our early flight the next morning. The usual check-in routine started with Dr. Tai knocking on your door and making sure both residents of the room were safely inside. Then she would close the door and place a piece of tape connecting the door to the doorjamb. This way, she could easily tell if anyone came out of the rooms at night because it was hard to retape the doors from the inside. On our last night, everyone opened their doors and placed their tape on her door as a small practical joke.

In the morning, everyone hustled out to the bus and tried their best to get to the airport on time. We found out our plane was scheduled to leave 50 minutes early so we were just a bit rushed. The flight from Shanghai to Tokyo only took an hour so it wasn't too bad. We were allowed to cut through the security line at Narita Airport and boarded the plane for Detroit not long after arriving in Tokyo. At Detroit, we passed through customs and boarded the plane for St. Louis. As I walked down the exit hallway to meet my parents at Lambert International, I thought about walking the other way 16 days ago and how much I had learned since then.

第十九章 再見上海


上海是這次中國之旅的最後一站,早上我們先到上海高中參觀,這是戴老師以前教過的一位學生 Angel Anderson 教書的學校,她帶我們在校園內參觀,同時談談一個美國人在上海的生活情形。由於學期已結束,我們沒有機會和當地的高中學生見面交談,午餐是在一間有舞台表演的泰國餐廳。有一道竹雞很特別,是將雞肉放在竹筒內料理而成,味道特別香,餐後還有傳統的中國和泰國民族舞蹈表演。






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