From the Arch to the Great Wall

About the Author

My name is Rich Yueh. I am currently a junior at Purdue studying Computer and Information Technology with a minor in Management. I was honored to receive the Outstanding Teen Volunteer Award in 2003 at the St. Louis Science Center as well as the OCA Youth Leadership Award in early 2004. During my high school years I played on the Varsity golf team and performed with the marching band for 3 years. Here at college, I am an active member of Triangle Fraternity and participate in many other groups and clubs such as Camera Club and the Association of Computing Machinery.  

I chose to go on this trip for many reasons. First, I felt it was important to learn more about my history and background. You cannot move on in the future without acknowledging the past and I felt this trip was the proper time to do so. Second, I wanted to see what China was like and encounter a country other than the US. As soon as I got to China I was hit by culture shock and instead of fighting it, relished it because I knew I could not get this at home. Lastly, though equally important, I went to practice my Chinese. The Chinese language is becoming more and more popular and I did not want to fall behind.

I write my articles in order to open myself up and share my experience as a second-generation Asian embracing 5,000 years of ancient Chinese history, as well as tasting new foods, meeting new people, and talking about the trip in general. I welcome all feedback that can be sent to


Note from the author:

As I continue to write my articles, I notice that sometimes my grammar and verb tense does not stay consistent throughout each article. I attribute this to writing my journal in past tense and then while reading from it, writing in a present tense and trying to maintain the "past tense" feeling. If anything is ever unclear or hard to understand, please let me know at





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