投票否决Prop A – 一个孩子的心声
Vote No on Prop A – From the eyes of a child


作者: 范愷苓




我们都应该有权参与决定我们的工作待遇。Prop A通过就意味着我们的声音会变得愈发虚弱。通过Prop A会让雇员更难和雇主谈判。通过Prop A也会削弱公会,让雇主更容易压低雇员的工资。那些支持Prop A的亿万富翁们也在支持反对移民的候选人。



Prop A的语言写得糊里糊涂。总而言之,否决Prop A能让雇员能在工作中发出自己的声音。如果Prop A通过了,那么雇员们就更难联合起来维护自己的权益。有了公会,如果雇员们遭受不公平收入或者待遇,工会可以让雇员和雇主坐下来一起谈判,一起决策。而如果雇员们受到不公正的对待,他们也可以加入公会来解决问题。

亚裔美国人和太平洋岛屿人不少都是工会成员,包括救火队员、教师和护士。他们应该有权争取更高的工资和更好的工作环境。Prop A就是为了打压每一个平凡的美国人的声音。这个8月7日,投票否决Prop A。

Vote No on Prop A – From the eyes of a child

By Caroline Fan

I grew up watching my mom work 60-80 hours a week with no overtime pay. As a child, I would sit at my mom’s desk, doing homework, doodling, or writing stories until 9pm. I thought this was normal and what all parents did.

My mother is 67 and she is still working 60-80 hours a week, no overtime. 2 years ago, she had to reapply for the job she’s held for 25+ years. She had to start over with 2 weeks of vacation. The hospital forced her to roll over her 401k. I helped her edit her resume to reapply for a job she’s won awards for and she was scared she wouldn’t be rehired even though patients love her. My mom doesn’t have a union. If she’d been part of a union, she could have avoided all of this.

We should be able to have a say in how we’re treated on the job. If Prop A passes, that becomes much harder. A yes vote on Prop A would make it make it harder for employees to bargain with our employers and easier for corporations to keep our wages low by weakening unions. The billionaires who want Prop A to pass are also supporting anti-immigrant candidates.

Maybe you grew up watching your parents, with no say in their working conditions, working extra hours for no pay just to keep a roof over your head. Or you’re the parent working 1 or 2 jobs to ensure a better life for your child in this country you moved to, far away from anyone you know. Maybe this is your life. I worked 3 jobs one summer to pay for college.

I’ve worked jobs where I was a union member, and there is a big difference between how I was treated in those jobs, and jobs where there was no union. In jobs where I wasn’t a union member, I unfortunately sometimes experienced harassment, lies, and intimidation by my bosses. In jobs where I was in a union, there was a process for me to address any problems.

The language is very confusing. But essentially, voting no on Prop A lets employees keep a voice at work. If prop A passes, it will be much harder for employees to unite. If they are poorly paid or mistreated, unions allow coworkers to have shared decision-making with the employer. If employees are being mistreated, they can join a union.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are union members including firefighters, teachers, and nurses – who deserve to be able to bargain for increased wages and improved working conditions. Prop A is meant to strike a blow to ordinary Americans who are trying to fight for a voice on the job. Vote no on Prop A this August 7th.