2020 Chinese New Year Special Issue
一元復始 • 萬象更新!
時報新年特刊 為社區打造新形象

Editor’s Note 編者的話

Happy New Year!

Published by St. Louis Chinese American News, the 2020 Celebrate Chinese New Year Special Issue is intended for all Saint Louisans and serves as hub serving the St. Louis Chinese community and the area as a whole.

By sharing the community spirit of Chinese New Year all together, it highlights the St. Louis community’s strong diversity, harmony and engagement.


From Government Leaders, Agencies, Institutions, Organizations, Schools and Businesses, the Chinese New Year Special Issue ties all of us together for a better tomorrow. It is very evident from every page of the issue that we have a great community where we proudly live on.

This year, in a new feature, we organized outstanding businesses in groups for your easy reference. Corporations and businesses have participated to demonstrate their interest in cultural diversity — their participations also increase their brand and goodwill among the vibrant and growing Chinese American community.

We also included for your convenience, the “農民曆 Chinese Fortune Calendar”. Keep this issue handy for the 2020.

Thanks for all your support. Wish all you have a great 2020, Year of the Rat!

May Wu

一元復始,萬象更新,時報新年特刊 是聖路易時報一年一度為社區打造的新形象。

各級政府、民意代表、社團組織、公私學校都在這本特刊裡為您送上新春的祝福。今年我們加強編輯了表現出眾、優秀傑出的工商版面,展現公司企業商號提升形象、融入社區、 多元服務的初心。您的支持就是最好的回饋。



社長 吳毓真

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