About St. Louis Chinese Community


The St. Louis Chinese Community is a fast growing community. We have a population of about 50,000, including immigrants of all generations, exchange scholars, international students, families, professionals, and businesses. We have 9 local churches, 2 Chinese language schools (serving more than 1,000 students), more than 10 civil organizations (including Asian American Chamber of Commerce, Missouri Asian American Bar Association), 3 upscale Chinese Grocery supermarkets, and over 800 Chinese restaurants and fast food eateries.


Every year we host a two-day Chinese Culture Days at the Missouri Botanical Garden in May, a Chinese New Year Gala, and as a community, we fully participate and support the annual Festival of Nations hosted by the International Institute, the St. Louis Mosaic Project, the World Trade Center, the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Taste of St. Louis, and many other local activities.

Historically, the long-standing League of Chinese Americans in St. Louis joined and became one of the original three founding chapters of OCA (Organization of Chinese Americans). The OCA – Asian Pacific American Advocates is a non-profit organization founded in 1973, whose stated mission is to advance the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the United States.

Then in 1979, St. Louis was linked with the city of Nanjing and became the first U.S. municipality to have a sister city in the People’s Republic of China. The Margaret Grigg Nanjing Friendship Garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden was dedicated in 1996 to honor the sister-city relationship between the United States and China. Major features of the Garden were gifts from the city of Nanjing. In return, the Missouri Botanical Garden and the City of St. Louis provided Nanjing with a children’s playground.

The Confucius Institute at Webster University was established in 2008 and is part of an international network of Confucius Institutes in 66 countries across the globe dedicated to promote the understanding of Chinese language and culture and foster friendly relations between China and the world.

According to U.S. Census Bureau and Missouri Partnership, 18,572 Missourians were born in China and 20,485 Missourians can speak Chinese. Missouri exported $864,059,218 worth of products to China in 2016. Moreover, Missouri has a $4.4 billion trade agreement with China to facilitate the expansion of bilateral trade and investment in key industries including agtech.

8 Nanjing Foreign Language School exchange students at St. Louis University High School for 2018 school year.

Founded in 1990, the St. Louis Chinese American News is Missouri’s largest, most widely read weekly bilingual newspaper dedicated to the Chinese community of St. Louis. Through a combination of its weekly Chinese newspaper, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat and the annual publication: St. Louis Chinese American Yellow Pages and St. Louis Chinese New Year Special Issue, the St. Louis Chinese American News has become the leading source of information for Chinese Americans in St. Louis.

Lastly, to underscore the contributions made by the St. Louis Chinese community to the economic development of St. Louis, Ethel Byndom, the director of St. Louis County Community Empowerment, said in the Unveiling Ceremony of the Overseas Chinese Service Center in St. Louis on December 19, 2017, that St. Louis Chinese community has contributed more than 1 billion to the St. Louis economic vitality.

圣路易斯华助中心理事会所有成员和贵宾, 左起安涛, 黄颖文, 刘敏, 朱凡, 圣路易郡社区发展项目主任Ethel Byndom, 朱一民, 洪磊总领事, Richmond Heights市市长Jim Thomson, 许尤峰, Chin Zhang, 张雯, 高桐, 岳方济