AT&T President John Sondag named Chairman of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry


KANSAS CITY — The new chairman of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has pledged to help guide a groundbreaking effort to transform the business climate in Missouri.

On Nov. 19, the Board of Directors of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry unanimously elected AT&T President John Sondag as its new chairman. Shortly after his election, Sondag presided over the Missouri Chamber’s annual meeting, held in Kansas City. During the meeting, Sondag praised the chamber’s research-guided Missouri 2030 strategic plan. He pledged to push Missouri 2030 forward during his two-year chairmanship.

“Over the years, I have come to learn that with the Missouri Chamber, their mission is much more than words on paper. This is an organization that is putting action behind the words,” said Sondag. “That action is being guided by Missouri 2030, our strategic plan. I feel like this project has the potential to truly transform our state for the better.”


Missouri Chamber President and CEO Daniel P. Mehan praised Sondag’s longstanding and engaged service to the state’s business community. Sondag has served on the Missouri Chamber’s board of directors since 2004.

“For many years, John Sondag has been among the most engaged business leaders in Missouri,” said Mehan. “When the Missouri Chamber was formulating our plan for Missouri 2030, we knew we needed to have private businesses leading the way. As always, John Sondag rose to the occasion and helped us make the case that the business community, organized through the Missouri Chamber, needed to become a consistent, powerful voice for economic progress. With John Sondag’s help, we were able to create a plan to accomplish this — Missouri 2030. Now, with his leadership as chairman, we will work to accomplish our goals and transform our state’s economy.”

As President of AT&T Missouri, Sondag is responsible for all regulatory, legislative, governmental and external affairs activities in the state. He has held this position since 2010 and has worked for AT&T since 1978.

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the largest business association in Missouri. Together, with the Missouri Chamber Federation, the Missouri Chamber represents more than 40,000 employers.