Does St. Louis have a Chinatown?

Mandarin House, 8004 Olive, is located at St. Louis Chinatown (University City, Missouri).

If you haven’t gone to China, take the time to visit Chinatown in St. Louis!

Each year, thousands of tourists travel to St. Louis to visit the Arch, watch Cardinal baseball, and enjoy the exotic Chinese and Asian restaurants available in the St. Louis version of Chinatown.

Visitors and tourists will discover authentic souvenir shops, Asian inspired clothing stores, Chinese supermarkets, unique shops that feature Asian artifacts, Chinese acupuncture and herbs, plus Chinese medical facilities that offer traditional and non traditional medicines and treatments. In addition to everything else, people visiting Chinatown will meet Asians-Americans that are more than happy to greet each visitor with a smile.


St. Louis’ Chinatown is conveniently located in the heart of St. Louis County, starting just east of Hwy 170 & Olive Blvd., and continuing all the way to North and South Road at University City. The St. Louis’ “Chinatown” is a must see for both local St. Louisans, and tourists to the area. The excitement and sense of adventure of visiting the St. Louis “Chinatown”, leaves visitors and tourists with the memories and feelings of actually being in mainland China.