Does St. Louis have a “Chinatown”?

Olive Supermarket • 8041 Olive Blvd, University City, MO 63130 ph: (314)-997-5168 • Olive Supermarket began in 2006 with a clear mission to provide customers with a large variety of both Asian and American goods under one roof.

Many people and visitors have asked, “Does St. Louis have a “Chinatown”?  Yes, St. Louis does have a China Town. It starts from the edge of Olive Blvd. & 170, running along the Olive Blvd. eastward to the intersection at North and South Road, about a 1-mile strip and its surrounding areas. Like the famous Las Vegas strip, St. Louis China Town could be called the China strip.

In this strip and surrounding areas, we have Chinese, Taiwanese, and Asian restaurants, supermarkets, grocery stores, acupuncture & herb clinics, beauty salons, car shops, urgent care facility and offices for doctors, insurance agents, accountants, and etc. The office for the St. Louis Chinese American News is just north of the strip at Page Ave. & 170, less than 0.5 mile east of Mandarin House Chinese restaurant on Page Ave.

Another extension of Chinatown is just a few minutes drive away in the Delmar Loop, the international business district next to Washington University. In the Delmar Loop, we have St. Louis Bubble Tea, Corner 17, Snow Factory, Bing Bing, and Chinese Noodle Café among other Asian and ethnic restaurants.