“Letters to Hop Alley” – Memory of St. Louis Chinatown

Yeyo Arts presents “Letters to Hop Alley” an exhibition of drawings and research by the art collaborative bfflocusts on the erasure of the St. Louis Chinatown from collective memory.
St. Louis in the last year has become an epicenter of one of the most active political movements for racial justice. One doesn’t have to look very far to learn about its violently racialized geography, the failed public housing projects, the consolidated corporate headquarters operated by money that goes back to St. Louis’ oldest aristocrats, but you probably won’t find much about the vibrant immigrant enclave formerly known as Hop Alley.
This exhibition of drawings presents the story of Hop Alley before and beyond its concerted demolition during St. Louis’ peak of ‘urban renewal’ initiatives. It draws on research from personal interviews, transcripts of oral histories, civic and historical archives to piece together and celebrate the history and resilience of a community as it faced displacement.
This show will be on display at Yeyo Arts Gallery at 2907 South Jefferson Ave. for all of September. Yeyo Arts is open TuesdayFriday 1-4 and Saturday 12-7