Local Chinese cultural center raising money to deliver ventilators to Wuhan


FEBRUARY 13, 2020

ST. LOUIS – At present, there are 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States. Approximately 60,000 people have been infected worldwide and 1,370 people have died from it. Nearly all of the cases are in China.

The Chinese Education and Cultural Center of St. Louis is raising money to help people in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus.


“The outpouring of support has exceeded our expectations,” said Min Liu, community outreach for St. Louis Modern Chinese School. “We started two weeks ago and happy to report we’ve exceeded $120,000 and it’s growing.”

So far, the group’s “St. Louis for Wuhan” campaign has delivered or ordered 19 ventilators to hospitals in Wuhan. Patients in treatment need those machines for breathing.

“They don’t need money. Not lacking money. They are lacking medical treatment. That’s equipment,” Liu said.

The ventilators are helping, Liu said, but they’d love to do so much more. Wuhan, China is a sister city to St. Louis. Meaning, the cities have shared an economic and political relationship. Anheuser-Busch built the first brewery in China in Wuhan in 1995.

“We have received donations from close to 600 donors and support from over 20 organizations, both here in St. Louis and other states as well,” Liu said.

Mastercard and Bayer donated to the St. Louis for Wuhan campaign and also did a match offer. The group also wants to remind the St. Louis community not to abandon your favorite Chinese businesses out of fear of the coronavirus because it is affecting some businesses’ bottom line.

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