Vote for State Rep. Michael Butler for Recorder of Deeds


支持密州众议员Michael Butler竞选圣路易斯市Recorder of Deeds(契约记录官)

我全心地鼓励圣路易斯市的居民在8月7日的初选中票选州议员Michael Butler为圣路易斯市的Recorder of Deeds。他是第三代圣路易斯人。他承诺保障我们可以在线访问我们的各类政府文书和契约。

曾经在政府工作的经历告诉我,把创新带到政府里是多么的重要。一座城市的Recorder of Deeds扮演着政府的重要角色。他保管政府的历史档案,我们的地契,还有出生、结婚和死亡的证书。已经到了2018年了,我们应该能够轻松地获取我们的信息,而不是需要做什么都要跑一趟市政厅。Michael很关心华人社区的需要,也常参加我们的活动。他承诺在他的竞选中和任上都关注族群多样性和服务多语言居民获取信息。重要的是,这是一场的变革选举,而他获得了28个行政区中20个的支持。考虑到他正在挑战一位在位38年的在位者,这种支持十分惊人。

这位在位者把工资和退休金收进钱包,但是据报道他一周才上班一次。 Michael 工作勤奋,而且拥有8年的政府经验 – 包括作为州议会的民主党团主席,和他作为教师和美国企业界工作的履历。 如果被选上,他也将会是第一个在圣路易获任市级官员的千禧一代。




Vote for State Rep. Michael Butler for Recorder of Deeds

I heartily encourage St. Louis city residents to vote for State Rep. Michael Butler for Recorder of Deeds in the August 7th primary. He is a third generation St. Louisan who is committed to ensuring that we can access our deeds and records online.

As someone who has worked in government, I know how critical it is to bring innovation to government. The Recorder of Deeds is an important function and keeps the city’s historical records, as well as our land deeds, and certificates for birth, marriage, and death. In 2018, we should be able to access our information easily, without having to trek to city hall. Michael is sensitive to the needs of the Chinese American community and has attended our events. He is committed to diversity and language access both on his campaign and when he becomes Recorder. Importantly, this is a change election and he has 20 of the 28 wards’ endorsements. That is very impressive when you consider he is running against a 38 year incumbent.

The incumbent is being paid a pension and a salary, yet reportedly only comes into the office once a week. Michael is hard-working, and brings 8 years of government experience including serving as House Democratic Caucus Chair, and his time as a teacher and in corporate America. If elected, he would be the first millennial to hold citywide office in St. Louis.

State Rep. Butler is the change that St. Louis needs – please vote for him on August 7th.


Caroline Fan

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