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马梦筱 – Landed at St. Louis International Airport |

马梦筱 – Landed at St. Louis International Airport


I can still recall the moment when the plane finally landed at St. Louis Airport in the darkness of that winter night. I may never forget how cold I felt when I got out of the plane, but I also remember how nice it was to meet the Fallons on December 30th and how their greetings filled me with warmth and sweetness.

I LOVE my host family. We got along well just in seconds—it seemed like we had met some time before! It is really amazing to live with them. Mom Bek and I like to have conversations about everything and sometimes we even cook together. The two girls Annie and Julia are very cute and are talented in arts and cooking. We say ‘good night’ and hug each other every night. Joey is very nice too—he shows me all the videos about mountain biking and skateboarding, and I teach him a little bit Chinese. Mr. Fallon is in Australia now, but we will meet soon.

School began on January 3rd. I felt excited but nervous as well. SLUH looks very different from my school in Nanjing and since I am one of the only two girls here this semester, my nervousness grew even stronger. But surprisingly, everything worked well and smoothly for the first week. The teachers are enthusiastic and are always willing to help; and most of the boys here are nice—they greeted me warmly and some even started conversations with me. All those helped me relax and calm down.

The boys in Concert Chorus class are the nicest and they sing very well. Mrs. Akin has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard and she has been teaching us a lot of new songs.

My AP World History teacher Mr. O’Neil is a very cool person. I enjoy chatting with him after class.

After four lessons in the morning, there comes lunch time. There are many food options in the school cafeteria, and they all look tasty. The only hard thing is that the lunch break is short so I am always in a hurry. In addition, I’ve only been having lunch with the other Chinese exchange students since the first day. It would be wonderful if I could have a chance to eat with other SLUH students.

I also like my substitute Biology teacher Mrs. Menne. She has been helping me a lot about biology since the very beginning. She is very kind.

Up till now, I’ve spent eight days at SLUH. The first week (three days actually) went pretty hard for me. I was always in trouble finding my classrooms and I was always lost. I was also confused about all the new courses and my complex homework system. I even suffered a little bit while listening in classes but I tried my best to follow the teachers. Theology is especially hard because it is a completely new course to me, and I got scared when taking my first Theology quiz. But thankfully, everything is getting better and easier every day. Now I’m improving a lot in my quizzes and I also tried to raise my hand in classes and answer questions. After all, it is really nice to study at SLUH.

This weekend is a super long one—we have four days off. I am now in Jefferson City with my host family and their families. I went to the Missouri State Capital today and I also had a look at some fascinating little shops nearby. Everyone is glad to meet me and we’ve been talking about everything since we came here last night. It is so nice to be here with all these wonderful people.

I cannot wait to go back to school next Wednesday!

(马梦筱 周记)

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