Bands of America Super Regional at St. Louis


为大家所呈现的音乐为军乐队锦标赛中在全国范围内每年秋季美国地区的乐队。 BOA军乐队将表演所有高中乐队并且他们是第一次到来,提供了一个积极的气氛和评估,表演会将有助于他们提升到一个更高的演奏水平。

The Bands of America Super Regional at St. Louis, presented by Yamaha will take place Oct. 21-22.
Music for All presents Bands of America Regional marching band Championships across the country each fall. BOA regional marching band shows are open to all high school bands on a first come, first served basis, providing a positive atmosphere and evaluation and input for performing bands that will help elevate them to the next level.
As with all of Music for All’s programs, Bands of America Championships emphasize the pursuit of performance excellence, the educational experience of participation and quality evaluation. Participation offers students the chance to be placed on the nation’s highest pedestals, alongside their peers.

America’s Center & The Dome

701 Convention Plaza
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