Jason Kander Hosts Roundtable Discussions on Small Business and Entrepreneurship in Columbia and St. Louis


COLUMBIA, Mo. (June 13, 2016) – This afternoon, Jason Kander discussed how Congress can better support small businesses with a group of local business owners and entrepreneurs. The event took place at Holder Susan Slusher Oxenhandler.

“One of my top priorities has been to make Missouri the most business-friendly state in the nation,” Jason said. “As Missouri’s Senator, I will fight to reduce unnecessary, burdensome government bureaucracy that stifles entrepreneurship and focus on legislation that advances small businesses and the middle class.”

“Jason understands the needs of small business owners and has worked tirelessly to provide innovative solutions so small businesses have the tools, resources and support they need to thrive,” said Jon Livingston, veteran and minority business owner of Affordable Same Day Service, LLC, a 20-year old heating and cooling company based in Columbia.


The roundtable followed a similar event in St. Louis yesterday, where Jason met with community business owners and entrepreneurs including Carlos Restrepo of the St. Louis Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Gail Brown of Brown-Kortkamp Realty Company, and Cory Elliot of CMT Roofing, LLC, among others. Yesterday’s event took place at Brown-Kortkamp Realty Company, a locally owned real estate firm.

Imag-6“Small businesses face a unique set of challenges, but their presence in the St. Louis community – and across Missouri – is what defines us for the better. As Senator, Jason will fight for the business community so business owners can focus on what matters most: growing and running their business,” said Cory Elliott of CMT Roofing, LLC.

Making Missouri the best state in the country to start and a run business has been a top priority for Jason throughout his career. The decision to support and fight for small businesses is also deeply personal for Jason having seen his wife, Diana Kander, launch her own companies into successful ventures. Some of Jason’s work supporting small businesses, local farmers and entrepreneurs includes:

Creating a business outreach office on his first day in office as Secretary of State that connects Missourians starting their own businesses with area organizations that can serve as valuable, on the ground resources;

Launching a program through the Secretary of State’s office that allows businesses to file nearly all their paperwork online – a system which was called “the envy of the nation;”

Pushing legislation to cut Missouri’s business filing fees to the lowest in the country, which was filed by a Republican on his behalf; and

Founding #FergusonRebuild, an organization that raised more than $150K in private funds to help local business owners get back on their feet after unrest in Ferguson.[vc_row][vc_column]


In complete contrast, Senator Blunt has amassed a voting record that shows he will side with special interests ahead of the economic interests of Missouri’s small business owners and their families. Senator Blunt’s past votes include:

A vote against a 2010 payroll tax cut for businesses hiring new employees;

A vote against the American Job Act of 2011 which would’ve given 120,000 Missouri local businesses a payroll tax cut; and

A 2012 and 2013 vote for budget proposals that would’ve destroyed 1.3M jobs and 2M jobs, respectively.