WSJ’s Best Books of 2015
Shanghai Redemption By Qiu Xiaolong 裘小龍


WSJ’s Best Books of 2015

Shanghai Redemption is selected by WSJ as one of the best books for 2015.

Best Mystery

Shanghai Redemption

By Qiu Xiaolong 裘小龍

Minotaur | 308 pages | $25.99

1When and where is a big promotion cause for alarm? In the politically treacherous environment of Chief Inspector Chen Cao’s contemporary China. The more effectively the police inspector uncovers corruption in his prospering “Big Bucks” country, the more enemies he makes, and the more precarious his own career becomes. In this latest installment of Qiu Xiaolong’s outstanding series, Inspector Chen has been given a prestigious-seeming new post. But the harder he tries to fulfill its obligations, the less power he finds at his disposal. As he probes the disappearance of an apparently thieving businessman, and the rumored murder of a visiting American, the inspector feels not only his career but his very life at risk.


裘小龍1953年生於上海,1988年起旅居美國聖路易市。他是一位以英文創作著名的華裔小說家和詩人。早在80年代,他以中文撰寫的詩作、翻譯和評論, 已屢獲殊榮。語言天分過人的裘小龍,在青少年時期開始學習英文,自此對英國文學和詩歌產生濃厚興趣。1988年獲福特基金會資助赴美深造,開始以英文創 作,並得華盛頓大學比較文學博士學位。

這位深受讀者歡迎的作家,對當代中國的重要社會和政治議題也相當關注。他的小說全都以中國為背景,銷量極佳,並獲世界權威文學雜誌一致好評,更被翻譯成德 文、法文、日文、西班牙文、挪威文、荷蘭文、芬蘭文、中文、瑞典文、意大利文、丹麥文、匈牙利文和希伯來文等十多種語文。他的首部小說《紅英之死》先後入 圍愛倫坡小說獎和巴裏小說獎,並在2001年榮獲安東尼小說獎,成為世界首位奪得推理小說最高榮譽的華人。