Not the result we wanted
Jake Zimmerman 致选民书


Dear friends,

This isn’t the note we were hoping to send you today. Yesterday’s election did not come out the way we had hoped, as we lost a close primary race.

We are incredibly disappointed. We put our heart and soul into this campaign, but came up short. Does it hurt? Sure.


But we are incredibly proud of the extraordinary commitment made by so many citizens across Missouri to champion this cause. You inspired us every day with your effort and your dedication. We are and will be eternally grateful to each of you for all that you did.

This morning, Gabriel woke up with the usual wide smile on his face.  And while racing around on the carpet, he played one of his favorite games. He dropped to the floor, then jumped up into Mama’s lap, and squealed: “I fell down!  I get up!”  And then he giggled hysterically.

We aren’t doing so much giggling today, but we do agree with his sentiments.  We fall down, we get up. We are sustained by the power of your kindness, your friendship, your support, and your good wishes.

The fight for fairness goes on. I congratulate Teresa Hensley on a hard-fought campaign, and I look forward to supporting her as our Democratic nominee to be the next Attorney General. She and others have important campaigns to win in November. We all still have work to do.

As for me, Jake, I’m excited to continue my work on behalf of the good people of St. Louis County. I am reminded even more vividly how grateful I am that they have put their trust in me.  If you’re reading this, odds are good that you, too, have you put your trust in me.  For that, above all else, we are both humbled and grateful.

With great appreciation,

Jake and Megan



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